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In Search of The Best Chocolate Cake

Gaby, my sister, will have her 17th birthday on November 22. Since I’m in the moment called ‘Baking Craze’, I’m going to make her the birthday cake. As she wished, it’s a chocolate cake that I’m gonna bake.

My sister Gaby

But before the D-day, I need to practice making this cake. I had this love-and-hate relationship on making a chocolate cake; they never turned out beautifully on my hands. My first chocolate cake happened to be very hard and bitter. I love the taste, but none of my family would eat it, not to mention my boyfriend (he’s allergic to chocolate). Then I got free booklet from my mom’s magazine with cake recipes in it, and there was a chocolate cake recipe. The second cake was made based on the recipe.

The free booklet
The chocolate cake recipe; it was in Indonesian, so feel free to give a comment below if you want me to translate it to English

It had the best taste so far, but the cake didn’t swell. I guessed the author forgot to put ‘baking soda’ on the ingredients list. Right after the failure of the second cake, I tried the same recipe by reducing the number of eggs (and skip the egg-and-white separation process) adding baking soda, and omitting the corn flour. It swelled well, but I didn’t know how it tasted. The third and second were made for Tius, my youngest brother birthday (who also loves chocolate badly) in March and I wasn’t there for his candle-blowing moment. I had to go back to Bandung and only got the chance to make his cake.

I haven’t made any chocolate cake since Tius’ birthday. I got a little chocobakingphobic and avoided any chance to make chocolate cake (not that I baked THAT much). Fortunately my dad celebrated his birthday in Surabaya, so I didn’t have to bake any cake. He’s a big fan of the more elegant version of chocolate: Belgian chocolate. It would be trouble if I made the Belgian chocolate cake for him and it didn’t turned out well. It would be such a waste of time and money. Another relief was my mother adored cheese better, so for her birthday I made her a cream cheese pound cake, with chocolate ganache on top, but chocolate ganache was easier to make than the cake.

Muffin samples of my mom’s cream cheese pound cake

So, in search for the best chocolate cake for my most beautiful sister (and the most whiny), I’ve tried two recipes of chocolate cake. The first attempt was last two weeks ago. Most of the reviewers said the cake would be fluffy, moist, and turned out beautifully. What I got was a rubber-like cake and it didn’t rise at all. The taste was also not good, it had almost no chocolate-y taste. I was so disappointed.

But now I can proudly say that I’ve found my best chocolate cake ever! To be honest, it wasn’t a new recipe. It was exactly the same recipe as Tius’ chocolate cake, with a slight change. I added baking powder and salt. I also reduced the number of eggs again, but I didn’t omit the corn flour. My mother suspected that the corn flour in my former chocolate cake was the culprit and that the mixing time wasn’t long enough. I’ve read many cake recipes using corn flour, so I didn’t think there was any problem with that. However, I followed mom’s suggestion on mixing and did the mixing for around 15 minutes.

The divided chocolate cake
The chocolate cream

I was satisfied with the result. It rose well, and very dense and chocolatey. I also made the chocolate cream from the same recipe, but the cream wasn’t as good as the cake. It was very salty; I guessed it was the margarine.

How it turned out
Being sliced; inside appearance

I’m going to make this cake again for Gaby’s birthday, but I’ll cover it with chocolate ganache from my mom’s birthday cake. Thanks God, finally this search came to an end! ***

Piece of cake


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